Frequently Asked Questions



1. Can the Associate Relief Fund help me if I am affected by COVID-19?

If you (or spouse/dependent) have tested positive for COVID-19 and have suffered financial hardship as a result, the Associate Relief Fund can help. COVID-19 is considered a qualifying event for eligible associates in the U.S. (corporate, retail, and W&D).

To apply for a financial hardship grant related to COVID-19, you should visit and click the APPLY button. You will be taken to an online application that will guide you. From there, an E4E specialist will contact you within 3-5 business days to request additional documentation if needed. Contact will be made via the email address you registered with to start your application. Please be sure to use an email address that you have access to.

If you are unable to access the internet, you can send an email to the mailbox and a grant specialist will contact you as quickly as possible to provide assistance. Please note, that due to the influx of applications associated with COVID-19, application processing may be longer than our standard 3-5 business days. E4E Relief will ultimately approve or deny your request based on eligibility guidelines.

2. What qualifies as financial hardship due to COVID-19?

Grants are available for eligible associates (or spouse/dependent) who have tested positive for COVID-19. Associates who meet eligibility criteria can apply (max $2,000) to help cover expenses related to:

  • Medical expenses
  • Basic needs (food, etc.)
  • Essential household utilities (electric, gas, sewer, water) ∙ Housing (rent, mortgage)
  • Hotel/lodging (if unsafe to inhabit existing home)

3. Am I eligible to apply for a grant if I have lost income due to COVID-19?

Personal hardship grants are only available to associates (or spouse/dependent) who have tested positive for COVID-19.

4. What if I am furloughed, am I still eligible?

If you are furloughed and have tested positive for COVID-19, and meet the eligibility requirements you may still apply for a personal hardship grant.


5.  What is the PVH Associate Relief Fund?

The PVH Associate Relief Fund* is a charitable program funded by our associates and PVH Corp. It provides cash grants – not loans – to eligible colleagues in need as a result of disasters or personal hardship.

The Associate Relief Fund is available to all full and part-time U.S. (including Puerto Rico and Guam) associates including: Corporate, Retail, and Warehouse.

*temporary or contract associates are not eligible

6.  Who is E4E Relief and why has PVH partnered with them?

The PVH Foundation has partnered with E4E Relief, a charitable organization that specializes in managing relief funds for associates coping with financial distress during disasters or personal hardship. On behalf of PVH, E4E Relief manages the application process and distribution of funds while maintaining our associates' confidentiality.

7.  How is PVH supporting the Associate Relief Fund? 

PVH pays all administrative costs related to running the Associate Relief Fund. This allows for 100% of donations to go directly toward providing grants to associates with a qualifying need.


8.  Who is eligible to receive a grant following a devastating disaster?

Short-Term Grants

There are no income restrictions for short-term grants and associates who meet eligibility criteria can apply (max $1,500) to help cover expenses related to evacuation:

  • Hotel/lodging
  • Food
  • Clothing
  • Travel related evacuation costs

Long-Term Grants

Associates may apply for a long-term grant (max $2,500) within 120 days of the disaster with no income restrictions. After 120 days, income restrictions apply. Associates with total compensation of $80K or less and meet the eligibility criteria can apply for a long-term grant to cover:

  • Housing (repairs, mortgage/rent, relocation assistance)
  • Contents (furniture, essential appliances, clothing and other contents)
  • Basic essential utilities
  • Transportation (payments, repairs, re-placement)
  • Lost food (e.g. due to power outages or flooding)

9.  Who is eligible to receive a personal hardship grant?

Associates with total compensation of $80K or less and meet the criteria can apply for a grant (max $2,500) to assist with financial hardship due to the following circumstances:

  • Short-term illness and/or accidents
  • Unscheduled loss of child support
  • Denied health insurance claim
  • Domestic/physical abuse
  • Unplanned and temporary spouse/partner loss of job/income
  • Death of the associate, spouse/partner/dependent or parent

Grants are available to help cover the following expenses:

  • Housing
  • Basic essential utilities
  • Food
  • Clothing
  • Transportation
  • Medical
  • Insurance
  • Childcare
  • Funeral/Burial

10.  Why $80K or less?

Per IRS guidelines, the income threshold for assistance through a relief fund is currently three times the poverty level (300% income level cap) for an applicant's household. This gives us a clear line in determining applicants who are in need and distressed.

11.  When can an associate apply for a grant?

The event must have occurred within 12 months of the application process for the associate to be eligible.

12.  How do I apply for a grant?

If you believe you are eligible for a grant, please visit and click the APPLY button. You will be taken to an online application that will guide you. From there, an E4E specialist will contact you to discuss your application, receipts needed, and ultimately approve or deny your request based on eligibility guidelines.

Contact E4E with any questions: 1-833-545-0127 or

13.  How large are the grants?

Grants typically range from $500 to $2,500, depending on the severity of the need.

14.  Can an associate receive more than one grant per year?

Yes. For multiple qualifying events, the maximum amount of total grants for the prior 12-month period is $5,000. You cannot receive multiple grants for the same event.

15.  Are the grants received considered taxable income?

No, the grants received are not considered taxable income.


16.  Who can donate to the Associate Relief Fund?

All PVH associates (full-time and part-time) in the U.S. can donate.

17.  How do I donate?

There are several ways to make a tax deductible donation:

a. Visit at any time to make a one-time credit card donation. You will receive an email confirmation with your receipt.

b. You can make an ongoing contribution with the Payroll Deduction feature, available through the Benefits tab in your Workday portal.

Benefits > Change Benefits > Charitable Contributions > Associate Relief Fund

Contribute at your discretion, setting the amount and frequency of the confidential donation. Automatic contributions will cease upon termination of employment. You will receive a charitable contribution confirmation at the end of each calendar year from PVH.

c. Contributions can be made by check. On the memo line, please include “PVH Associate Relief Fund #3337.”

Make checks payable to:

E4E Relief c/o Foundation For The Carolinas
220 North Tryon Street
Charlotte, NC 28202

d. For other contribution types, such as stock, please contact the PVH Foundation.

18.  Is my donation tax-deductible?

Yes. Because the Associate Relief Fund is a component fund of E4E Relief, and not a private foundation,* PVH associates can make tax-deductible donations to the Associate Relief Fund, which can subsequently make tax-free grants to qualifying employees.

*Certain federal tax laws prevent private foundations from giving grants to employees, other than in times of a declared natural disaster.

19.  Is there a minimum donation amount?

No, there is no minimum donation amount. Every dollar donated will support PVH associates in need.

20.  Can donations be directed to a specific associate?

No, all donations are collected and added to the general fund that supports ALL eligible PVH associates.

21.  Will donors know the identity of those receiving funds?

No, only recipients who choose to share their story will be featured.